Write for yourself and tell your business story

After reading a blog post by Gary V, I have been inspired to think about my own content and blogs. 

I’d been feeling a little out of touch with my own business content, and just felt a little bit stuck – this ever happen to you?

So after being inspired by Gary V’s post, I decided that writing for myself, stuff that I am thinking about both personal and business, almost as if no-one will ever read it (but knowing who my target customers are if they do). This has already helped my content flow and Sparkle again.

People want to know about business journeys … I know this and know that it is inspiring to others and that people really are interested in what is going on behind the scenes.

We all have stories to tell and this is your unique content. It is liberating to write content like this … it all feeds into the ‘why you are doing this’.

So watch out … the blogs are going to be coming thick and fast.

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