Inaction is a choice. Making excuses is a choice.

I reckon it’s time to take responsibility. To stop making excuses. To choose a different outcome by making different decisions.
Every time we don’t act or choose this way over that, it’s our choice. 

Inaction is our choice. 

Excuses are choices we make, knowing full well what we are doing and feeling it in our gut. I’ve changed my narrative. It’s like flicking a switch. A switch which took years to flick.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to take my business in a different direction, a direction that stops it being dependent on sales streams that have short life spans. But something has always ‘got in the way’ diverting me from my path.

My current list of excuses includes:

  • Too scared, I need money coming in.
  • Too scared, what if no-one wants to buy?
  • Too much graft, how will I fit it all in?
  • Business doubt, is the model even viable?
  • Self-doubt, can I do it?
  • I would need to turn work down and I absolutely hate that.
  • There are just too many great opportunities to turn down.

Year after year I’ve come back to the same conclusion, the same desire to make the business, well, different. 

A different Sparkle. A much larger community capable of:

  • Reaching more solo and micro business people
  • Helping more solo and micro business people succeed
  • Making sure that absolutely every person feels included, respected and valued (no matter what their turnover or personal ambitions are)

Bigger Sparkle. More Sparkle. A community of Sparkly business owners all striving to achieve their personal aim. 

It’s going to happen. No more excuses. 

I’ll regret it if I don’t try. Watch this space.

Nicola x 

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