But What Am I for?…

What am I for?

  • My first answer was learning.
  • My next, ‘people’. After all, people are my joy.
  • Then, I thought ‘great digital marketing and making you memorable’.
  • Next, it was ‘building confidence’ in people.
  • Then, ‘building communities’.
  • Recently, it’s been ‘accountability and responsibility’.

But what am I for?
All the above.

In equal measure or sometimes, depending on the day or the mood, one of them will jump out and it’ll be my focus for the next however long.

But what am I for?

A moment in time.

That precise moment that following my help, mentoring, training or conversation, another human ‘Gets It’.

That look in their eyes when they realise they can do it, it’s achievable, they’re ok, they’re doing it right, someone is on their side.

Because at that moment there is a glint in their eye. A smile. A shoulder drops. A squeal. An excitement that wasn’t there before.

The children I used to teach were free and easy with their reactions to learning. Always so pleased, proud as punch waiting to tell their parents and families and friends what they can DO NOW.

Look at me“, they’ll say. “Watch ME. I can DO THIS NOW“.

As adults, it’s harder to rejoice in our learning and our triumphs. We don’t give ourselves a second to congratulate ourselves. To appreciate our achievements. To take that moment to feel proud.

My FOR helps YOU
If you’re working with me, we’ll high-five and celebrate together. I’ll be proud of you until you’re proud of yourself. Because it matters. It really matters.

I’ll be your biggest advocate until you are. 
Because it matters to have someone in your corner.

You deserve my respect and attention, no matter what your personal goals or turnover are. Running a business is the hardest work you’ll ever do.

That’s what I’m for.

Nicola x


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