Hi, I’m Nicola!

Hi, I’m Nicola Jayne Little, and thanks for visiting the Digital Sparkles website.

I work with micro business owners across the North East, who have set up their businesses to live the life they chose, quitting their day jobs and embracing the entrepreneurial adventure.

Running a business is hard work, the hardest you’ll undertake. I work with like-minded business owners helping them realise their business dreams – through our membership club, our online groups and business training.

Our membership club will help you stay on track and reach your full potential as a business owner. Whether you work on your own or as a member of a small team, the membership club members support one another daily providing real-life solutions and help.

Are you looking for real training and support for you and your business? Join us now!

If you work on your own, great news, The Savvy Solos Business Club is up and running and accepting new members. Just click on the link to find out more information.

If there is more than one person in your business, please stay in touch with us as we work to launching your exclusive membership organisation dedicated to meeting your business needs.


 My story

Once a teacher, always a teacher. Since leaving the primary school classroom, I’ve swapped teaching children for training business owners and professionals, helping them achieve their business goals.

For four years, I was the Founder and Co-Director at Daisy Green Magazine and Events, an online ethical magazine & events company which I loved passionately.  The business closed in 2015, but the experience led me to Digital Sparkles and building the business community we have.

I approach running a business with the same relentless energy and positivity as I do my social media training and 1-2-1 mentoring sessions.

A great day at work for me is when my delegates “get it” – that light bulb moment that I loved so much in the classroom. It is such a thrill and an honour when a business owner realises that they can cope and make their business work for them and their families. It’s just LUSH.

My training style is intuitive, and we often travel a path that may be unexpected. Training must flow with learning, learning at the delegates’ pace, whether it’s at a large conference, a small group or just one person.

Making a real difference to people running their small businesses keeps me Sparkling, and that’s why I do it. I’m proud of the inclusive #dodigital community that I’ve built on Facebook. People are wonderful and generous with their help and advice.

If you like what you’ve read, please join us in the group or drop me an email and let’s see if we can’t get you Sparkling, together.

Connect with me:

Twitter: @digitalsparkles @NicolaJSparkles
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/nicolajaynelittle
Facebook: facebook.com/DigitalSparklesTraining
Instagram: @digitalsparklestraining
Skype: nicolajaynesparkles

Suzanne Clare Whelan

As Co-Director at Daisy Green Magazine and Events, Nicola and I worked together loving the opportunity to work with and support a myriad of amazing small business owners across the UK. My role as Director was extremely varied; event manager, content writer, staff and client manager.

In my part-time role for Digital Sparkles, I coordinate training and assist in the creation of digital marketing posts, schedules and content plans, fulfilling content plans for Sparkle clients and manage the administration for the business.

Alongside Digital Sparkles, you can find me at my blog Sofa Stories, where I write about the trials and tribulations of being a 40 plus woman, some posts are hard-hitting but the majority are light and easy to read!

My other role is as Environment Health and Safety & Facilities Coordinator at Stanley Black & Decker, working closely with the Regional EHS Manager and Senior Site Management Team.

It’s a varied lot and, I love it all.

Connect with me:

Twitter: @SuzanneWhelan @Sofa_Stories
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/SuzanneClareWhelan
Facebook: facebook.com/DigitalSparklesTraining