6 Years, 6 Figures …

Things I’ve told myself and believed for years:

  1. When my turnover is more than 6 figures, I’ll have made it. Lie.
  2. I’ll conquer imposter syndrome and feel like I have the right to mentor other business owners when I have a 6-figure business. Lie.

It took 6 years, 3 changes to the business branding, two Directors going their separate ways, and three office relocations, to hit my self-imposed 6-figure target. 
An awful lot has happened in 6 years since We Are Sparkle Ltd was founded and launched.

6 figures … sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Still a very small business, but big enough for one person. All targets and expectations exceeded. Tick.

(To be clear a 6-figure business turns over more than £100,000. It’s nothing to do with profitability and there’s a huge jump to becoming a 7-figure business!).

Funny that really nothing has changed

Of course, I am pleased. A milestone that’s been at the forefront of my business brain for years has been achieved.

But I’ve worn myself out with the effort. I chased the financial target blindly and made mistakes because of it. I chased the financial target because I thought it would give me more confidence and make me feel better standing in front of my customers. 

For a time, I lost my clarity and focus.

I felt out of touch with my business communications. Not that you’d ever know of course. The consistent delivery of Digital Sparkles’ social media has never dipped. Like everyone else, we share the good moments, rarely the really, really tough stuff.

Truths I now tell myself

  • Targets are important. I need targets. But the minute I hit them I need another one to take its place. Celebrate then move on.
  • I am resilient. I can achieve. Even if it takes years. I do not give up.
  • I have the necessary experience, ability and passion to enable me to do my job well. This is nothing at all to do with my turnover. Money comes into my business because of my experience, ability and passion.
  • People engage with my business because I’m in it. (Accept it and get over yourself, Nicola). 

    Money is not all and everything, but I must be comfortable and reward myself. I like earning a good living. 

    Imposter syndrome is absolutely rubbish. We can all change the narrative we tell ourselves. When you catch yourself being anything less than positive, have a word.
    No one knows what it’s like to run my business but me. 

    My business allows me to be the best version of me. It represents my ethics and abilities.

    The second I stop enjoying what I am doing, I can and will stop.

What are your targets, and do you obsess over them too? Do you self-sabotage and hold your business back?

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